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Exponor 2019 boosts promotion of innovation and new technology in the industry with Innovation Zoom

This is a platform for advance promotion of the new offerings that exhibitors will display, with the aim of catalysing new business during the event. "Artificial intelligence" capable of detecting gas and acid leaks in real time onsite – Solgelec – a "nano-structured anode" that reduces energy consumption by 50% in the copper electrowinning process – UTFSM - "Oilex", and an organic agglomerating agent able to absorb all types of oil, fossil fuel and chemical propellants quickly and effectively – Econgrin. These are among the innovations that will be exhibited at Exponor 2019 and which, thanks to Innovation Zoom, will be put in the spotlight prior to the event. This platform, hosted on the Exponor 2019 website, will highlight and disseminate innovations and new technologies that will be present at the show in advance, giving visitors more tools to prepare for their visit to the event. With this in mind, the Expo Manager of Exponor 2019, Andrea Moreno, explained that "we are creating different ways to showcase innovation and new technology in the mining industry, and this is what Innovation Zoom aims to deliver. With this platform, we hope that our visitors will be able to get to know these technologies before the event to boost potential business deals". To access Innovation Zoom, just go to Exponor's website, which hosts over 300 innovations with a detailed description of the products, their advantages, uses and the issues they address, in addition to contact details for the company responsible. Other breakthroughs that are confirmed to be present at the exhibition will be the mining refuge developed by the company Hyperbaric S.A.C.; the autonomous solar toilet from Módulos S.A.; the laser scanner and virtual reality technology of the firm Microgeo S.A.; autonomous breathing equipment from 3M Chile, among many others. Go to and get to know all the innovations that will be part of the "Innovation and Technology Zoom" at Exponor 2019.

Published: 22.04.2019

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