May 15-19th, 2017, Antofagasta - Chile


Organizers of the year’s most important mining event estimates business value of 800 million dollars. 1,292 face-to-face meetings with the participation of 98 executives from 16 mining companies: Codelco Chuquicamata Division, Codelco Ministro Hales Division, Codelco Gabriela Mistral Division, Codelco Headquarters, Albemarle, Escondida, Altonorte, El Abra, Centinela, Zaldívar, Lomas Bayas, SQM, Yamana Gold, Sierra Gorda, Collahuasi and Spence, as well as the 122 national and foreign executives that took part in the 7 site visits were just some of the figures from 2017’s edition of Exponor. “The result is positive, considering that around one thousand exhibitors from 30 countries participated, with the delegations from the United States, Germany, China and Brazil having the largest presence. Other international groups present included the United Kingdom, Finland, France, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Australia, and Peru”, explained the president of the Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA), Marko Razmilic. At the international event, which brought together 40,000 visitors, the participation of the technical delegations from Centinela, Antucoya, Escondida, El Abra, Altonorte, Lomas Bayas, Zaldivar, Sierra Gorda SCM, SQM, Yamana Gold, Albemarle and Spence were a highlight, along with groups from 38 suppliers such as Komatsu, Finning and FLSmidth. One of the exhibitors from the Asian delegation, Meng Yixiong, business development manager of the company China Enfi Engineering Corporation, stated that “for us it was very important to participate in Exponor, because it allowed us to get closer to our clients and present our brand. Additionally, another advantage of the show is its location, because it is very close to mining companies”. Along these lines, 122 national and foreign executives took part in the site visits carried out (6 mine sites and one industrial facility). Likewise, 950 people participated in the three seminars: “Mining Investment Projects in Chile”, “Technological Challenges in the Mining Industry: Business Opportunities for Suppliers”, and “Women and Mining: 50-50 Workforce Participation, a Contribution to Productivity”. Yung Han Shen, general manager of Asia Reps, the official representative of Exponor in the Asian market, praised the participation in the show and said that expectations had been exceeded. “We are very happy, we carried out over 130 meetings and 7 executives took part in visits to mine sites, which were very highly evaluated by the exhibitors, who were able to get a close-up insight into how the mining sector works”, she said. The 120 technical talks carried out were another high point, instances at which exhibitors from both the private and public sector presented their products and services. The three After Office Networking evenings also stood out, as activities with executives from Codelco, BHP and Antofagasta Minerals, who presented their companies’ purchasing policies and needs. The balance also takes into account the second edition of “Launch your Innovation”, a space created for emerging innovators in the mining industry. In this instance, 33 innovators from 9 regions were present. “Prior to the exhibition, through our digital platforms we shared over 300 technological or innovative products and services from exhibiting companies, which aim to reduce costs, increase productivity and avoid accidents”, explained Fernando Cortez, General Manager of the AIA. Socio-cultural Program. The social and cultural program stood out, with a full agenda and high attendance. One highlight of the agenda was the talk from Heinrich Von Baer, president of Fundación Chile Descentralizado (the Decentralized Chile Foundation), on “Decentralization and the Project of Regional Governments”. Similarly, the Congress of Vocational Education Students brought together 82 students from the municipalities of Taltal, Calama and Antofagasta, and the expert on education in Latin America and the Caribbean, Blanca Hermosilla, carried out a talk and dialogue on “Family and integrated child development”, with 40 parents and guardians in attendance. Another complement to program was the Conference “Policy Guidelines for Vocational Education”, carried out by Cristian Lincovil, a Ministry of Education advisor on vocational education, which was attended by 40 directors, educators and students from vocational schools. Additionally, the installation of 380 flower displays on streetlights along the city’s main highway decorated and improved the appearance of the coastline. Exponor 2019: China as Guest Nation The Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA), the business group that organizes Exponor, extended the invitation to China to be the special guest at 2019’s show. The official invitation was received on the opening day of the event, Monday May 15th, by Chen Ping, consul general of China in Iquique, who highlighted the fact that this invitation comes at the best moment of Chile and China’s relationship. At Exponor 2015 the guest nation was Australia, while this year’s show featured the United States. Published: 19.05.2017

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