May - 2021, Antofagasta - Chile

Minera Escondida prepares Business Center for Exponor 2019

The country's largest private mining company will bring a stand that is a "Center of Operations" and promote the development of local and national supply chains at the international exhibition, to take place from May 27th to 30th in Antofagasta. At this new edition of Exponor, BHP/Minera Escondida has put together a full program of activities and will make its presence felt at the show with an operations center aiming to position the BHP brand, promote linkages with its mining assets in the region (Escondida, Spence and Cerro Colorado) and showcase the role of BHP in the development of the local value chain, among other activities. As part of this, over 120 of its staff will visit the show ground as a technical delegation, representing different areas of the company. Along with this, there will be a stand that will become a real "Center of Operations", bringing together Escondida, Spence and Cerro Colorado at a single stand for the first time to share information on the areas of each company and provide space to meet potential domestic and international suppliers. This aligns with another of the company's objectives for the show, which is to promote openness by creating spaces for dialogue among different actors in the regional productive ecosystem. With this in mind, the current President of Minera Escondida, Mauro Neves explained that "we want our presence this year at Exponor to create opportunities to facilitate connections with regional, national and international suppliers. For this reason, we participate actively in the official program of events at Exponor, and will also put on a full range of activities at our corporate stand". Among the facilities on offer will be meeting and co-work space open to visitors interested in getting to know more about BHP, a front desk and reception for local companies interested in the LBP program, and the Procurement Office, attending drop-in enquiries and scheduled meetings. Neves also described what the public can expect from the Escondida and BHP stand. "This year, for the first time, BHP's three operations in Chile, Escondida, Spence y Cerro Colorado, have decided to exhibit together at Exponor 2019. This is a stand designed around the Procurement area, and we hope it will facilitate conversations that are useful to the companies and their suppliers. Our stand seeks to reflect the key attributes of BHP and share the specific initiatives and challenges of each of our operations. We will also have a work area where we will receive visitors and will also present interesting talks and conversations, which we hope will attract interest from those attending the show", he expanded. Finally, Neves underlined the importance of Exponor in terms of business opportunities and opening up new markets. "Exponor is a reflection of the dynamism of one of the most important mining regions on the planet. Here, we produce half of Chile's copper output and almost 16% of world production. This show is a huge opportunity to access innovation, technology and the services that are essential to the competitiveness of local operations. What's more, the fact that the guest nation this year will be China represents a major opportunity to enrich local productive linkages", he concluded.

Published: 07.05.2019

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